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Tales From An Auntie With No Kids: Cemetary Lessons

Lauren Pacheco - Tales From An Auntie With No KidsMy relationship with kids is simple, I want to make them laugh. I get extreme pleasure in having an adult conversation with children, and why not? These little humans can't talk about legos and My Little Pony forever. So I usually start in on subject matter this is far beyond their years, more for my own comedic pleasure and to get a rise out of parents. Just as Pixar and Dreamworks has fine tuned their plots and humor to attract to the adults that take the kids to the movies is exactly how my humor pans out with any kids around me. In my tales there is always a slight innuendo that only an adult in an earshot will giggle at, but will fly completely over the child's head. Or at least I hope it does. My brother has rolled his eyes many times as over the years I've given his 5 children sage Auntie Lauren advice. And those stories will be told under the title, "Tales From an Auntie With No Kids". I realize that if I had kids, I'd keep them away from aunties like myself. But I don't have kids, so let the fun begin. And Parents…. you've been warned. 

Over the weekend I attended one of my dear family members funeral. It was sorrowful event but also a joyous one. Grandpa John was 97 years old and lived a colorful life. His stories are as legendary as Homer's epic poems. He will be dearly missed but his absence brought the family together. During the celebration of life at the cemetery, I was able to finally see my cousin Ronnie and Gabriela who I haven't seen in a while.  (Hate that we shortened her name to Gabby because Gabriela is more romantic and pretty, but alas). Their youngest was with them. Little sweet Penelope. This beautiful little 4 year old steals my heart every time I see her. She's shy at first, and it takes her a while to even say a word to anyone. She just stares in wonderment at the things about her. A very inquisitive pig-tailed copper toned girl. You can already tell she'll be a room monitor and the ASB president when she gets older. So as Penny surveys us giant beings chatting over her, she walks over to a headstone and taps it with her toe and then taps closer to it, and closer until Gabby says, "Penny, Don't step on the headstones." Penny obliges and steps off on to the grass off the stone. AND I SAY, "Yea or else their arms will come out and get you." I get a quick chirp from Gabby, "LAUREN!" I reply with wide eyes, "What? Oh, guess that would probably scare a kid. She didn't even hear me. It's all good." And just like that I have done it again. 

So we say our goodbyes and as I'm heading home I get a text from Gabby. She says that Penny was walking with her Grandma across the cemetary and she stepped on a headstone and her Grandma said, "Oh Penny, Don't step on the headstones." And what do you think Penny said? ……… She replied, "Yea or their arms will come out and get you." 

From this day forward that little girl will either be frightened of cemeteries, (sorry Gabby) or she will be telling some kid the same thing when she gets older. See? I totally taught the kid a lesson, Don't step on headstones. And I learned the lesson I've learned a thousand times before, Kids hear everything!

Mission Accomplished. 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

An Open Letter To My Next-Door/Up-Stairs Neighbors

An Open Letter To My Next-Door/Up-Stairs Neighbors

Dear Apt. XXX and Apt. YYY,
I’d like to introduce myself and also inform you that although we’ve never met in person before I feel that I know more about you and your own life than I would think even you would like to know. Specifically to the neighbor across the way. I’ve never lived in a dorm before but thanks to you I believe I now know what that small, uninhibited space would feel like. I’d like to first applaud you on your consistency in your daily life. No matter what, I know that at 4:15pm every day the sounds of Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin will be blaring with vigor out of your windows. Regardless of the monotonous guitar and drum beats, you will continually keep playing what seems to be the same song over and over again. A special note to the man of that apartment, I’d like to thank you kindly for always waiting to talk to your buddies about the most intimate part of your relationship until you’re outside on your balcony for all to hear. The corridor we share, only about 12 feet apart, is not sound proof, so your husky voice echoes sharply, and seeps into my apartment along with the glorious stench of your Marlboros. And to the lady of the apartment, that also uses the balcony as a place of solace to make gossipy phone calls to your best friend. A little word of advice, Yes your mother is right and your boyfriend is a tool, tell your girlfriend she shouldn’t marry her fiancĂ©, and for the love of God please stop talking about your boyfriends inadequacy to please you in the bedroom. Now, I’m not trying to be nosy, but what is it that you guys do? Because for the past 6 weeks you have made sure that every Sunday night your friends come over, ingest a 30 pack of Budweiser each, play riffs on the guitar at 2 in the morning and finally depart ways around 5:30am only giving me roughly a couple hours of silence while you pass out in drunken slumber. What job is so secure that Monday mornings are this sloppy? 

And to the neighbors that live above me, why is it that it sounds like you are moving every single night? I’m a student so there are days where I’m working all day and all night on studies. During the day I do not a hear a peep out of you. But much like the neighbors across the way you have proven to be consistent as well. Without exaggeration when 1:30am hits, my roof becomes alive. From what I can hear I’m assuming that you are an obsessive compulsive cleaner since it sounds like every night you are cleaning your kitchen, Oh how do I know you clean the kitchen? Well that would be because I can hear your garbage disposal go on and off....and on and off. My advice to you is to take the utensils out of the disposal so that the noise of metal crushing against metal is not blasted down to my apartment. And the sliding glass door outside your living room? Yea, I can hear that too. I particularly enjoy the way you slam it shut as if you weren’t sure if it had closed all the way. I also hate assuming but you’re either a very active large human, or you must walk around with weights on your ankles. The pounding of your steps is like a jackhammer to my ears. I’m curious, what is it that you do? By the pulverizing sounds, I would think you’re a professional bowling ball inspector. I image you with yellow dishwasher gloves on, holding a bowling ball above my living room, judging the sound of the boom to see if the quality is fit to be thrown again. Oh and to the man upstairs, with being such an active night owl I would think you would be full of stamina however the 4am thumping above my bed suggest otherwise. I mean really? I’ve heard guitar rifts next door go longer than you. In fact, just to drown out the noise one night, I thought I’d go brush my teeth and you were done before I finished brushing my tongue. So the next time you consider waking me up in the middle of the night, at least make it worth it and give me a show. 

In the end I’m sure this letter may have been a shock to you. My only hopes is for you to look outside your menial lives and think about others. Sure you may not live normal lives like a normal nine to fiver, but you should at least have consideration for them. These are thin walls and while you of course have every right to live your life within them, there comes a time where you have to turn down the music. You have to realize your “F this” and “F that” conversations are being boomed through this 4 story building that houses 100’s of people. And if you find that you have to move heavy equipment, or feel the need to scrub down your apartment either do it in the very beginning of your night or at the very end but not in the middle at 3am. Lastly, we are all sexual beings and I know as a total stranger I should not know what I know or even be giving you the advice that I’m about to give you. But to you two men, start reading some books, taking some pills, or watch some videos online because there is only so much rolling of my eyes, and embarrassment for you, that I can take. And ladies.... really? You can do better. 

I can only say that if actions aren't changed I’ll be forced to play dirty. And since I know where you live, I know your work/sleep schedule, I have the imagination of a troublemaking middle schooler, and the technical brain of a sleuth, I’d think twice next time you think about making noise at 2am.

Your tired, sound sensitive, unhumored neighbor. 

*Apartment numbers were excluded as to not reveal the identities of the archenemies. Not for my protection but for theirs. :)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Lauren Pacheco's About Me Link - Connect With Me On Social Media

Check out this link below to my About Me page. It is a one stop click to all the social media platforms that I am connected to as well as all my websites. Check it out and lets see how we can connect and collaborate. 

Lauren Pacheco actress, producer, executive, filmmaker

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Remembering Jackie Robinson, Mr. 42

Lauren Pacheco writes about remembering Jackie Robinson, 42
Jackie Robinson

"There's not an American in this country free until every one of us is free” -Jackie Robinson

In a time of turmoil, fear, segregation, and hate births a story of hope, enlightenment, courage, and faith. As I write this article my body chills and my eyes water because Jackie Robinson’s story is one that has stolen all of our hearts. What this man had to go through is unimaginable to myself. To fight a war against the human spirit and mind is probably one of the most intense battles that any person has to go through. Jackie’s strong conviction and superb athletic ability broke the color barrier when he joined the Brooklyn Dodgers back in 1947. 

Perhaps it was his mother, Mallie Robinson who raised Jackie and four other children, that instilled in this man the fire to work hard and take what you deserve. After Jackie’s father left his mother, they moved to Pasadena, California. In 1941 at UCLA, Jackie became the first athlete to earn Varsity letters in all 4 sports: Baseball, Football, Basketball, and Track. Hurdles on the track wasn’t the only obstacle that Jackie faced. Due to financial reasons he had to drop out of being a Bruin and was later drafted into the U.S. Army. Unfortunately for Jackie the Army wasn’t as supportive as most would think. Refusing to sit in the back of a segregated military bus Jackie was court-martialed, acquitted and was honorably discharged from the Army. I wonder how it feels to be the human that refused to let people sit together because of the color of their skin? How does that person feel today? Are they sorrowful? Embarrassed? To discount someones worth by the way they look is disgusting. It is sad to say but even though we have overcome some of those road blocks there is still discrimination in todays world. For those people I pray they learn and change.

After playing in the Negro Baseball league for the Kansas City Monarchs, and then with Minor Leagues Montreal Royals, the greatest event took place. Branch Rickey, the president of the Brooklyn Dodgers at the time, took what most would see as the biggest leap of faith and asked Jackie to join the team. What’s interesting is that Rickey saw Jackie for being a great player and knew that he and Jackie would be facing challenges. Rickey still took the risk because he believed in Jackie. Since 1889 when Moses Fleetwood Walker was in the Major leagues catching for the Toledo Blue Stockings, there had not been an African American player in Major League Baseball. On April 15th 1947, Jackie put on Dodger blue and took the field. Later this year he won the coveted Rookie of the Year Award leading the league in 29 steals and .297 average. Then in 1949, Jackie impressed the league once again with being crowned the NL’s MVP of the year with a batting average of .342 and 37 stolen bases. These feats are not easy to make, but Jackie proved that he had the talent to outperform these other players. And he did that fighting civil rights battles on the field and off. Imagine coming off a great game and not being able to celebrate completely because people are spitting at you or calling you the most outrageous slurs you have never wanted to hear? It was not easy for Jackie but he paved the road for many to enjoy in the same success he did. 

With Robinson on the team the Dodgers won 6 pennants in his 10 seasons. In 1956 Jackie was traded to the New York Giants for $30,000. But in the Spring training the following year Jackie announced his retirement at the age of 37. Started as a Dodger and ended as one. I am so glad he declined that offer for he closes his career in what could be called the greatest close in the history of baseball. In a quote by Robinson he says, "Baseball is like a poker game. Nobody wants to quit when he's losing; nobody wants you to quit when you're ahead." For once, someone that took his own advice. 

I was inspired to write this article because on July 23rd of 1962, Jackie Robinson becomes the first African American to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, and 51 years later he continues to instill emotion in all of us. In an interview with Larry Upton, Jackie talks about his role in Major League Baseball. He says, “He hopes that his 1947 is seen as the year that he saved baseball”. When asked by Upton if he would be interested to see an All-black team, Robinson rebuttals that he doesn’t wish to see that. Stating that he doesn’t want to see baseball go backwards. I agree with Jackie. The fight for desegregation isn’t so that African Americans, Hispanics, Chinese, Japanese, and so on to have their own team, its a fight to come together as one. We are all the same. We are human. Six days after that radio interview Jackie Robinson died on October 24th, 1972. 

Through tears, anger, sadness, and joy I write about a man that has done things that most people could even stomach. Many Dodgers from his time like Pee Wee and Snider said that they couldn’t have done what Jackie did. May he always be the man that we look to when we talk about bravery, courage, and the will to never give up. The number 42 will always been in our hearts. Let the story of Robinson be an example of how the human heart can overcome any adversity.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Red Dawn (2012) Movie Review

Red Dawn (2012)

Black Friday is one of the best days to go see a film. After one of the biggest eating days for most Americans all you want to do is hide your belly in your elastic waistband pants, along with your heart burn under a baggy shirt in a dark room with 100 of other binge eaters. Shopping on this day is never in my forecast but watching junk food action flicks is so I took my overstuffed self to the theater and decided that Red Dawn would suffice my craving. I first would like to preface that I hated the first one from the 80’s, I wasn’t expecting a mind blowing story, and if it wasn’t for the trailer that hooked me I wouldn’t be here. So lets get into why you shouldn’t over look this film...

Initial thoughts are simply it was entertaining, enjoyable, comical, and a great film to watch over the holiday weekend or any day for that matter. The story is simple, the U.S. is under attack by another nation or entity and in Anytown, USA there are a group of kids that uprise against the evil doers of the world and fight back giving hope to other cities and states to fight back and gain back control of their home. Is the story believable?... No, but who cares it screams patriotism and fighting for what is yours in a fun non-historic way. If you are looking for Saving Private Ryan then this is not the film for you so for all you cynics lay off the story and lets talk about some good juicy action. 

The Special Effects were beyond decent. Better than most action films that get all the accolades. The gunfire and explosions mixed in with loud, in sync sound really surprised me. The underscore and pathos driven music really enveloped you as an audience member to care for the characters and their cause. I even teared up a bit during an intense scene when the two brothers played by Chris Hemsworth and Josh Peck witnessed their father, Brett Cullen, being shot in the head. It wasn’t The Notebook type cry but a tear did balance delicately on my eyelid ready to plunge down my face in sorrow. Quickly swiping that off as I “fake sneezed” so no one was the wiser about my wet eyes. A finicky action note that I often give films is if you are going to involve the military please please please show the actors that are playing a man or woman in service, the training they need to look like they know how to hold and shoot a gun. If not I will analytically nitpick your entire film for things that are off and luckily for Dan Bradley I was impressed with the overall shooting technique that the actors displayed. 

You want to know how to make me sick in the middle of your film and turn my eyes away and miss all of your, I’m sure, beautifully placed action? Two words... Shaky Cam. I cannot stand this technique let alone deal with it for a large portion of a film. Opening shot during a football game the shaky cam was introduced and as I rolled my eyes to avoid the vertigo I prayed that the whole film wasn’t like this. Thankfully my prayers were answered and the agony stopped. Here’s my issue, during most of the fight scenes and fast action this lovely Cam was used. Why? Through the chaos the fighting actually looked decent but I can’t tell because it was too shaky. How would you feel as a fight coordinator if you designed a seamless and stunning fight but then your director chose to shoot it with a shaky cam and on top of that the editor jump cuts the clutter into a complete mess? Well that’s what I felt a lot of the fight scenes entailed. 

Here’s a question, when I tell you that I’m going to see Red Dawn, why do so many people wince and question that? Is it because of the first one? Is it because it seems hoaky? Is it because Thor is the lead? Let me actually back our famed hero Chris Hemsworth... don’t let his beefy studly exterior phase you, he is a good actor. His heart and fight throughout the film was intense and endearing. One of the best moments in Red Dawn was when ... “SPOILER ALERT”.. after a needed victory, Hemsworth’s character gets shot by a sniper right in the head. My mouth dropped and stayed that way through the whole scene. You can’t kill one of the main characters? Oh, but yes they did. I love when surprises like this get delivered to my eyes. What made the killing even more heart wrenching is that up to this point you cared for him and his crew. So to see this unfold only made the vengeance that was about to ensue that more rewarding. 

In the end the sufficiently cast crew was all around ok. No Oscar performances but no duds either. Josh Peck who played Hemsworth’s younger brother was ok, a little weeny but he did the job. Josh Hutchinson would have been a better choice but since he only reaches up to Hemsworth’s knee caps that likely hood of them being related quickly demised However Hutchinson was a fun character to add to the somewhat bland crew. The comedy sprinkled between the young rebels was laugh out loud type of humor and created spaces of joy. I love when my high action films have the humorous camaraderie dashed in there for it makes me more comfortable that I’m enjoying such a film with massive killings. And here is where the film took a slight dip to what I thought would be a sure winner as I left the theater. In the end of he film the brother makes a big “OohRah” speech which was the same one his late brother made earlier in the film. With the dramatic music in the back and the camera angle pointing up to make him seem heroic just all seemed super cheesy. I could have dealt without that so when I say that you should go see this film, I want you to delete that scene from your mind and forget that it was ever even thought of, and then you will say that you saw a great action film. Typical in these types of films the ending is open for a sequel. So if director Dan Bradley takes the bait and does the sequel, my words of advice to him would be: Keep the high energy that you have created with the action sequences, keep your authenticity, have fun with the fights, show me something new, lose the shaky cam, the G-rated speeches, and most importantly keep your essence always in the filming for it is the very reason I went to see Red Dawn in the first place..because of you.

If you want to engulf yourself in an amusing, lively, action flick then I highly recommend Red Dawn

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Monday, July 30, 2012

Days Of Our Lives - "DAYSaster" Explosion Episode

This episode of Days Of Our Lives is one of the biggest stunts I have ever seen on a Soap Opera. Explosions and a lot of debris. I had a fun day shooting with a lot of talented stunt performers. My first explosion and technically my first stunt. It was a hoot, but I'll leave the bigger action scenes to the professionals.

Note: Stunt Coordinator Terry James won an Emmy for Best Stunt Coordination for this episode "DAYSaster". Congrats Terry

 Part 1


 Part 4 - Explosion (at 9:40)


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Celebrity Pool Party Celebration to Benefit "After-School All-Stars"

BG Sports, Soho Project, Chef K, Lauren Pacheco
BG Sports, Soho Project, Chef K, Lauren Pacheco

WHAT- Sunday, July 8th BG Sports and SoHo Project invite guests to a private residence for the Celebrity Pool Party Celebration.  This birthday celebration for BG Sports President, Brittany G, is no ordinary pool party!  The event will be focused on raising funds for After-School All-Stars, Los Angeles (ASAS-LA).  All proceeds will go to ASAS-LA.

WHO- Celebrity athletes to be in attendance include Garrett Hartley of the New Orleans Saints, Kevin Smith of the Detroit Lions, Terrance Wheatley of the Tennessee Titans, Desmond Bishop of the Green Bay Packers, Andre Berto- professional boxer and many more. Adding to the celebrity talent is Hollywood’s Hottest chef to the stars and Royalty, Chef K, who will be creating tasty treats for the soiree. 
BG Sports, Soho Project, Chef K, Lauren Pacheco

WHEN- Sunday, July 8th from 1:00pm-8:00pm

WHERE- Private residence in Hollywood 

About After-School All-Stars
Founded by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2002, After-School All-Stars is a leading after-school program provider whose programs educate, enlighten and inspire thousands of students each day through after-school activities centered around health, fitness and nutrition; the visual and performing arts; and youth leadership and community service learning.  ASAS-LA brings innovative, cutting edge enrichment programs to K-12 students that contribute to reducing drug use, crime and violence; while increasing their safety during school hours. With NBA super star Kobe Bryant as their ambassador, the organization serves 5,000 students daily across 37 schools in deserving areas throughout LA county

Brittany G. on the event- “My Goal for this event is to bring together all my clients and friends to raise funds for one of my favorite charities.  Any way I can help them, I am honored.  After-School All-Stars is an incredible organization and I’m privileged to be able to raise funds for their cause.”

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AFTER Getting Kinnected With Kelly Carter: Alphabiotics & LifeLine Technique

Lauren Pacheco Tikkun Holistic Spa Kellly Carter
Lauren Pacheco
The day has arrived to see the one and only Kelly Carter himself at Tikkun Holistic Spa in Santa Monica. I park and navigate my way through the busy streets and arrive on the corner of Broadway and 4th street. For those of you that are unfamiliar with this area, at any given time there are at least 20-30 people mulling around getting to where they need to go and cars buzzing through honking trying to make the light. There are plenty of shops that keep the idle walking about as well. How could a holistic spa be set in all of this? I finally find the door, get buzzed in and enter a very secretive elevator and push Lower Level. As soon as I step out on the floor the smell of sensual oils and warmth wraps around me. I’ll save the spa experience for a different article, but for this one I dedicate it to my experience with Kelly.

Kelly Carter Kinnected Alphabiotics Lauren PachecoTo start, I am escorted to Kelly’s room which emits a soft glow, and is surrounded by warm marble colors that put me in a state of calm. As Kelly is preparing his things, I can see that he notices how nervous I am. It couldn’t be the huge grin and the constant picking of my nails could it? I tell him that I’m not sure what is really going to happen or what this is all about but my mind is open and ready for a test drive. Next, Kelly sits me down and explains what he does, why he does it, what evidence supports it, and all in a way that I was able to understand. He put it in my terms so that during the process I wouldn’t be confused about the techniques. Usually therapists just instruct you what to do and you’re supposed to go along with it, but Kelly is the type of person that wants to educate you so that you know you are making the conscious choice of making yourself better instead of him having all the power. So Kelly went through Alphabiotics and why he does it. I will do my best to explain but Kelly is obviously more knowledgeable so be sure to contact him with more questions, but basically our bodies are an amazing organism that has the power to heal itself, but if things are off kilter then it just gets put into a fight or flight mode. Kind of like the ol’ caveman days. With it off tilt it isn’t fixing what it is supposed to and instead it is just trying to live one day at a time. This is no way to live. With Alphabiotics the stress can be relieved from your body causing your body to heal itself and make room for other activities like creation and innovativeness. Dr Bruce Lipton, world renowned cell biologist, Standford University, has proven the human body can only be in one state, either "Fight or Flight/Protection" or "Repair and Growth". "Protection" is the ideal condition for degenerative disease-premature aging, cancer, heart pathologies, ect. While "Repair and Growth" is the ideal state for increasing healthful living and reversing many developing degenerative challenges. When "Alphabiotically Aligned", the person is in "Growth and Repair" and can sustain this for days at a time, eventually a week at a time on an average. This is something that I was completely unaware of but I am so happy to have learned about it.

Lauren Pacheco Tikkun Holistic Spa Kellly Carter
Dr. Kelly Carter
The appointment I made with Kelly was for LifeLine Technique, which is a combination of powerful thoughts and words mixed with muscle testing, and visualizations. LifeLine Technique, among many other health benefits, reduces the subconscious triggers that put us into a fight or flight state. Dr. Darren Weissman, a Chicagoland native, is an internationally renowned physician, speaker, educator, and the developer of The LifeLine Technique. In fact one of his books I am going to order called, “The Power of Infinite Love & Gratitude: An Evolutionary Journey to Awakening Your Spirit”, seems empowering to say the least but we’ll save talking about Dr. Weissman in detail a little bit later. To continue the methods that Kinnected Alphabiotics offers, lifts people out of deep chronic stress and allow them to thrive, greatly enhancing and improving life in every way experiencing  an inner peace. At first I struggled because I was shedding layers of my stress and frustrations and I don’t like being that vulnerable. I felt weak because I lost my power to hide my inner fears. However through various techniques that were driven by my own body I was able to work through those symptoms and stresses and able to stand tall as a ‘Successful, Blissful Woman’. Those were my words of empowerment that I chose during our session. I literally was telling my body what it should feel and being the amazing beings that we are, it listened. Within a little time Kelly could see that I needed adjusting so he put me on the table and did a Alphabiotic alignment. It is nothing like you have ever experienced before I can guarantee that. It is like he is lifting your soul through your spine up to your brain releasing all blockages. After the third time, my mind completely opened up and I was wide eyed ready to be filled up with positiveness. It was as if all the pollutants were detoxified out of my body and I now had space to fill up with positiveness and radiance. I will say, the magic or spiritual feeling that I felt made me tear up a bit. I don’t like admitting to crying but if you are looking to change your life you have to keep an open mind. I was ridding myself of toxic thoughts and it was hard to get those out of my thinking but once they were gone, I felt like I was sitting on top of the world with the wind blazing through my hair ready to take on any challenge that stepped in my way. My goofy grin was shining from ear to ear. It felt awkward talking to Kelly with a Crest smile that huge but I couldn’t help it, I was happy. The wonderful and brilliant realization that I came to is that Alphabiotics and the LifeLine Technique are completely unique in their own way. Both have a exclusive and powerful experience in each of them. And Dr. Kelly Carter happens to be the only person worldwide that is Certified in both LifeLine Technique and in Alphabiotics.

Kelly Carter Kinnected Alphabiotics Lauren Pacheco
During our venture the words that were repeated by Kelly was “Infinite Love, and Gratitude”. As the session went on, I started to chant it. Now think about that perfect circle. Infinite never ends, Love because it is what drives us to do things in life, and Gratitude so that we are always humble and cause no judgment. Simple words that changed the chemistry of my body. It is amazing what good thoughts can do to a living soul.

Once my session was done with Kelly I felt like I was on fire. I didn’t want to leave his presence.  What I realized is he gave me the tools to energized thinking and helped me on the path of Infinite Love and gratitude.

Kelly Carter Kinnected Alphabiotics Lauren Pacheco
Relaxing at Tikkun Holistic Spa
I can’t tell you that this works for everyone. You must enter this process with an open mind and the willingness to take in what is happening to you and trusting that your body will heal itself and ultimately change your life.

I highly recommend that if you want to alter the actual makeup of your body to function properly then you need to contact Kelly. A funny story is that I was in the locker room of the spa and a woman asked what treatment I had done and I told her I did Alphabiotics and LifeLine Technique with Kelly Carter. She said that I was the third person in a week to mention him. She apparently got in a car accident and the woman that hit her told her to go see Kelly Carter. This woman just went on her week thinking nothing of it.  Later she decided that she would go to the Tikkun Spa for some bliss not knowing that Kelly just started to work out of there, and when she arrived at the front desk the receptionist said, “You should do some treatments with Kelly Carter to help with your symptoms”. Then she meets me and I tell her to see him. So this divine intervention had this woman walk out of that locker room and book a session with Kelly. I believe if three people randomly tell you to go see someone it is probably a good sign to follow the universe’s nudge.

After seeing Kelly I used the various spa services at Tikkun which really helped supplement the "Aah" sensation I was having and the elation I felt meant that not only was I Queen of Cloud 9 but I owned it. I hope you take the leap and contact Kelly to help you harmonize your being. Loving yourself is the first step. I hope you take it.

To see the BEFORE article with Kelly click HERE

Lauren Pacheco Tikkun Holistic Spa Kellly Carter
Infinite Love & Gratitude

Contact Kelly Carter at 
Email: kellycarter@kellykinnected.com 
Twitter: @KellyKinnected
Facebook: Kinnected Alphabiotics Page
Website: www.KellyKinnected.com 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Spotlight: BEFORE Getting Kinnected with Kelly Carter

Kelly Carter Connected with Lauren Pacheco
Kelly Carter

Almost seven months ago I met Kelly Carter in a quick meet and greet which was only supposed to be maybe five minutes. As the hour went on I realized that a person like this is not one to let slip by. Meeting Kelly was like meeting the ocean on an overcast day with just the sounds of the waves to wash out all the worries in my head. His aura and light is soothing and is exactly what I need and I am assuming most of you that are reading this need to. If you have met me then you know that I am an overtly positive soul with the energy of a firecracker. I don’t like sitting still very often and sleeping in to me is for the birds. I have slowed down over the years but my problem has always been to center myself. In fact, as I am writing this I have about 150 other things going through my mind and all the while I see my To Do list getting larger and larger and my goals getting taller and taller. This can only lead to stress which leads to wrinkles which is not in my vocabulary so the question is, What to do?

Kelly Carter featured by Lauren Pacheco Kelly Kinnected
Kelly Kinnected

This article is the ‘Before’ article to what I’m about to embark on which is the Lifeline Technique. But first let me tell you a little about Dr. Kelly Carter, D.A., C.L.P, so you can see why I would enlist on this journey with him and why you should as well. Kelly has been practicing holistic medicine and athletic training for over 20 years. He has quite the extensive list of qualifications involving certifications, black belts, awards, and degrees that are impressive to say the least. His celebrity client list reads as a who's who in Hollywood and Kelly is called upon constantly to work with his clients on various film and television sets around the world. These attributes can all be seen on his website, but many people can have all those same accomplishments and still not have the sound spirit that Kelly possesses. No matter how high strung I am when I see or talk to Kelly my body goes into a lull state of peacefulness. Some people just have it, that ‘je ne sais quoi’, which in French means ‘that something’. That extra X factor that drives you to that person and without a doubt that is exactly what Kelly has. 

Kelly Carter Kinnected with Lauren Pacheco
Kelly Carter Training Mixed Martial Arts
Let me begin then, I have made an appointment to see Kelly for a Lifeline Technique session and to be honest I’m not really sure what it is. I’m told I will be connecting to my body and mind to enhance my well being. Through research I’m finding that this technique bridges the gap between my conscious and subconscious mind. Oh dear, that could cause a category 5 hurricane, I hope Kelly is ready for this. I’m actually kind of nervous of what type of development will come out of this session. I almost have anxiety thinking about it. Think of it this way, You know that feeling you get when you are about to start a new project or endeavor and the nervousness you get because you can feel that your life is about to change for the better? That’s exactly what I’m feeling in my gut right now. Up until now I have been working so hard and been trying to put all my gusto into my life, but I feel that I’m missing a link in the ladder to achieve higher success. I’m very spiritual and I believe that whatever I’m about to experience with Kelly is going to not only change my outlook but open up my perspective and mindset to a whole new world of possibilities that I didn’t even think about. 

kelly carter kinnected and Lauren Pacheco
Kelly has many locations that he works out of but one that intrigued me was the Tikkun Holistic Spa in Santa Monica. I’ll be sure to document everything that I experience in hopes that you too will contact Kelly for any of his services which includes the Lifeline Technique, and Alphabiotic sessions (another treatment that I am interested to try). With Kelly’s “Everything is possible” attitude I have a notion that there is going to be some major changes happening at this Lifeline session. Here is to stress recovery, life enhancement, mental clarity, and a better functioning me!

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Sunblogging at The London Hotel in West Hollywood

Lauren Pacheco at The London Hotel in West Hollywood Sunblogging
Lauren Pacheco
The idea of Sunblogging is to basically get work done on my laptop and iPhone while enjoying the rays of the warm sun. Well this particular Sunday that I scheduled to visit The London Hotel in West Hollywood was a hazy one. The deeper I drove into Hollywood the more the marine layer enveloped my view of the blue skies. To add, it was quite chilly. How am I supposed to disrobe to my bikini if I have the goosebumps? Having already experienced The London Hotel’s rooftop pool I somewhat knew what I was in for so I was completely prepared to just sit in a chaise lounge with a sweater and get to work. It seems that the big man up top had a different plan. 

Lauren Pacheco at The London Hotel in West Hollywood Sunblogging
The London Hotel's Rooftop Pool
Just off Sunset Boulevard lies the hidden gem that is The London Hotel. From afar you can see the canopies of the roof top but as you get closer to the location it disappears in the foliage that surrounds the property. As always the second your tires hit the driveway, valet is opening your door and helping you with all bags and making sure they do it with million dollar smiles. Since I was here just a few days earlier I knew what to expect, but as always ‘assuming’ only limits your imagination and I soon found out that this was not just an ordinary day of Sunblogging. To meet me in the lobby was the phenomenal Director of Sales and Marketing, Joe Velasquez. Looking quite dapper in his suit he happily took me up to the rooftop to show me my cabana. I told him it looks like it’s going to be overcast and he said, “You’d be surprised what happens at the rooftop pool here.” Not understanding what he meant until I arrived to the top is when I realized the magic of The London’s rooftop. It was like the heavens opened up and I could hear the chorus “Hallelujah” bellow through the sky. It was hot, and the sun was out ready to please my bronze skin. Joe took me over to what he called was the “Bieber Cabana”. He said when Bieber stays there with Selena Gomez, his girlfriend, they use this cabana for its privacy. Great! My sarcasm got the best of me. At this point I stopped hearing Hallelujah and only heard “Baby, baby, baby, oh”. I’m not a Bieber hater, but damn are his songs catchy. I digress. Joe introduced me to my cabana girl, I’m sure she had a more sophisticated title such as VIP host or something but this day I shall call her my cabana girl. 

Lauren Pacheco at The London Hotel in West Hollywood Sunblogging
Gordon Ramsey's Sushi
Lauren Pacheco at The London Hotel in West Hollywood Sunblogging
Delicious Hummus Plate
Multi-tasking as usual, I also brought some friends that I work with since not only would I be Sunblogging but we would also be conducting a meeting as well. It really didn’t take the guys long to say yes when I said, “Come to my cabana at The London Hotel and we can drink mojitos and have a business meeting”. It literally took half a second for them to ask for the address. 

The setup of our cabana was almost like an outdoor living room fully furnished with a couch, chairs, counter space, refrigerator, curtains for privacy, a flat screen television, and had an area in front of the cabana with lounge chairs to bask in the sun. I was beyond impressed. Most rooftop pool cabanas aren’t stocked like this as much as I have experienced them. My cabana girl says that the fridge is stocked with waters, various sodas, a trio platter of delicious pastries, fruit, cheese, a pitcher of whatever mojitos we want, AND a party appetizer platter of our choice which is all included with the cabana. Now, I’m a Vegas day club goer and minimum you get is waters and maybe a bottle depending on how deep you dug in your pockets for a day bed or cabana. But this is a rooftop pool at a hotel in Hollywood! I expected this in Vegas but not in LA. I wonder how quickly I can move in here. Hmm. 

After enjoying the platters of Chef Gordon Ramsey’s scrumptious food and the amazing pitchers of lemonade vodka it was time to get to business. In tow with me was T-Minus Productions CEO TJ White, VP of Development Curtis Koller, Director of the Stunt Department Keith Porter, and Celebrity Booking Agent/Marketing Expert/Internet Aficionado Ryan Totka. In that moment inside that cabana the pressure of a stuffy board room, and stale tap water had completely evaporated from our minds. Enjoying the brilliance of the situation we got down to business, solidified issues, embarked on new enterprises, resolved loose ends, and when the meeting was adjourned we were able to cheers to a successful day of ‘work’ so to speak. In a hopeful attempt, one of the guys asked, “So we’re going to have all T-Minus meetings here right?” Let’s hope so. 

Lauren Pacheco at The London Hotel in West Hollywood Sunblogging with T-Minus Productions
T-Minus Productions Meeting with Curtis Koller, Keith Porter, TJ White, Lauren Pacheco, & Ryan Totka
The day could have not turned out more perfect. The low hum of music, the Feng Shui calmness of the space, the breeze, the beautiful people, together encouraged all of us to want to work harder to make this a regular venue. As I lie back and think about my next venture I look over and see Rob Zombie in the cabana next to us. Now if this is where Rob Zombie goes to relax then I’m pretty sure we are at the right place. 

The London stole my heart again and with the great service from my cabana girl, excellent care from Joe, the unbelievable weather, the luxurious property, and the tasty treats from the kitchen, I’m not sure why anyone would ever want to leave. Can you believe I’ve only witnessed the lobby, and the rooftop pool? I haven’t even delved into the upscale restaurant, meeting rooms, event space, the suites, the Boxwood cafe, The London Bar, and the list just goes on. If I’m enamored by just one space I’m sure that the rest of the property will steal my heart like Romeo took Juliet’s. So the question is how long can I stay at the London until they turn my room rate into a mortgage? Without a doubt I would recommend this hotel to anyone coming to the City of Angels. Its magnificence can be breathed in as soon as you walk in and feel the serene aura that surrounds you. Who knows, you may just see me on the rooftop tapping away at the keys of my laptop fancying something over ice. 

Lauren Pacheco at The London Hotel in West Hollywood Sunblogging
Salud to The London Hotel

The London Ladies & The Power of Social Media

The London Hotel and Lauren Pacheco
The London Hotel West Hollywood

The power of social media is something that more and more companies are starting to realize that they need to encompass in their business plan if they ever want their brand to expand. The hippest and smartest of businesses are hiring professionals for this reason are Hotels and Luxury resorts. Being savvy to the evolving media and expanding their breadth is The London Hotel in West Hollywood

Lauren Pacheco at the London hotel west hollywood
Lauren Pacheco
When I was looking at hotels to “Sunblog” at I ran across beautiful pictures of The London and sought after them for a peek. Contacting them first through Twitter I wasn’t sure if anyone would see my tweet, but with their excellent social media experts, I received a Tweet right away and a Direct Message asking when I wanted to view the property at my disposal. However this is not an article about my Sunblogging adventure, that can be read here. This is about the cleverness of the hotel’s creative minds and how they can contrive buzz about their functions. After securing my date to come to The London, I received another Tweet and email that I should attend The London Ladies event. Press is priceless right? Well I suggest all companies to take note of what The London is doing because they are creating a social media model which is bringing them repeat customers as well as the most pursued element of business and that is the ‘referral’. 

The London Ladies event was a soiree that the hotel put together where they invited LA’s most influential women writers, bloggers, store owners, photographers, promoters, and basically the top women that are online or in print marketing making a mark in the public. Lucky for me I was invited to attend and I’m so glad that I did. 

The London Hotel Lobby with Lauren Pacheco
The London Hotel Lobby
Arriving for the first time at the London, I was whisked through the gorgeous lobby where creamy marble lie below my feet, slate grey couches peppered with sparkly gold pillows caught my eye, and mirrors that doubled the elegance of this sexy entrance. After taking the elevator to the rooftop I was pleasantly greeted by the woman behind the tweets, Emily Taffel, social media expert and marketer at The London. She took me over to where the other ladies were and before my eyes were tables of delicious martinis, World renowned Chef Gordon Ramsey’s delicious appetizers, and treats. Framing the decadence was a spectacular 360 degree view of the entire city of Los Angeles. The sensory overload was something I was not prepared for. Sitting at a table with the most gracious Joe Velasquez who is the Director of Sales and Marketing at The London was another sweet surprise. I discovered that 4 years ago The London had a 70 million dollar renovation. An incredible feat that is shown in every nook and cranny of the place. Even though we took up only a quarter of the rooftop, it seemed that the guests of the hotel still had their privacy. Sprinkled on one side of the pool is a handful of cabana’s that have full coverage, along another corner had couches and a ice rock fireplace which led into many other private corners to sunbathe in or just simply relax in the beautiful LA weather. With all it’s grandeur The London didn’t feel stuffy as many hotels of that stature has, instead I felt like it was home. The staff was incredibly delightful, and made sure that each of us ladies were taken care of. Another  fortune I came across was that I was able to meet Alex Alexander who is the Regional Vice President of Luxury Resorts and Hotels from the New York office. Talk about a man that walks in with confidence and class. Fit in a perfect suit, smile, and hair, this was a man with stature. To paint the picture better he looked like the actor Frank Vincent and from his power probably has the same effect in a board room as Frank had in Goodfellas and “The Sopranos”. Charmingly we chatted and he said if he is still in town he would stop by my cabana when I came back to sunblog.

Lauren Pacheco at the London Hotel West Hollywood Downtown LA view
One of the many views from the Rooftop Pool at The London
After networking with the other ladies who came from various magazines, newspapers, blogs, and successful website, it was time to say adieu. The London Ladies event was a success. Emily said that twitter was buzzing about the event and that they are going to try to do more events involving social media gurus. This is the smart tact that companies need to take. I’m not sure how much it cost The London in food, drink, valet, and space, but the day of press as well as the ongoing hum of the venue is priceless. Word of mouth is the best way to get your brand to the right people without you doing any of the research. Innovators like The London are the type of people I want to surround myself with and so should you, so if you are in the West Hollywood area be sure to book your stay or your event at the ever so glamorous locale, The London Hotel.

Lauren Pacheco at the London Hotel West Hollywood The London Ladies
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