Monday, June 7, 2010

1st Tweep Meet

     It all started I believe on May 10th. I was tweeting about my favorite Sushi Chef in San Diego. And I got a tweet back from a follower asking where the guy worked so if he was ever in San Diego he would check him out. A few days passed and I was tweeting about the movie “A Clockwork Orange”. Now it takes a very special person to appreciate a Stanley Kubrick film. And here this guy tweets back about the movie. I don’t know a lot of people that know or have seen this movie and come out liking it, so I was intrigued. I checked this guy’s Twitter timeline and come to find out he is quite interesting. I see that he has a blog, so I check it out and start laughing at his writings. I realize he has a lot of the same interest. So I say what the heck, I’ll follow back, and Lo and behold, the start of a friendship ensued. After weeks gone by I realized that I talked to him more than any other of my tweeps. Over time I realized he wasn’t creepy, stalkerish or any other kind of things you hear about people that you meet online. So I figured the next time I am in Los Angeles visiting family I am going to meet him. So I tweeted back and said, “Send me your email”. I knew then that I was putting myself out there, and it was possible that he wouldn’t want to give that to me or even meet me, but I tried. I said,” I am going to be in LA on Sunday the 7th for the Lakers game and if he wanted to meet”. Let me also step back and note, that he is not a Lakers fan; He is a Utah Jazz fan, so let’s not get too excited. Anyway, he said he would meet me.